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  • Is There Such Thing as a Friendly Financial Lender?

  • How many people do you think actually avoid applying for business loans every year, just because they are worried about dealing with organisations as large as banks? These multi-billion dollar businesses can be terrifying to approach, let alone come to a working arrangement with, and this is one of the main reasons why plenty of company owners look elsewhere when it comes to their financial potential.

    What you might not know as a borrower is that behind every single logo and branch is a team of individuals that are tasked with operating the financial services offered by a bank. There aren’t any robots involved, nor are there any artificial intelligences making decisions; it all comes down to logic, rationality and consideration. Although you might never speak to the top members of a bank – you will always be able to correspond with their employees, usually in the form of loan officers.

    It’s these individuals that our team at Tundra Finance talk to whenever we approach a lender for a loan on behalf of a client. But even with this access to the people behind the decisions, it’s not always easy to develop a friendly working relationship, especially if you are planning on applying to a bank on your own. Even if you befriend the loans officer, they will still need to take your paperwork to their superiors – and it’s these individuals that will know nothing about you as a person.

    So, is it possible to develop a friendly relationship?

    Although mates-rates don’t always apply when submitting an application for equipment finance, or when you want to borrow cash for a particular business venture; there are ways where you might be able to enjoy lower interest rates and APR by talking to a friendly advisor. This is something that we specialise in and over the years, we’ve developed a unique way of approaching these types of advisors, so that we can find out about lower costs, or negotiate cheaper terms for our clients.

    So, to answer the question about there being such a thing as a friendly lender; the answer would have to be yes. Although the people behind the scenes might vary in personality, those that are tasked with acting as the faces for loans and agreements are well-trained in customer care. This means that they can certainly make an applicant feel comfortable if that’s what you are worried about – and the more relaxed you feel, the easier your application process can be.

    What better way to apply for non-mortgage loans than with the reassurance that you’re being dealt with by a friendly professional? At Tundra, our entire team are as friendly as they are professional – so why not cut the stress out even more by relying on us to take care of your negotiations and correspondence?