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  • Medical Equipment

  • Every year, hundreds of qualified medical practitioners opt to leave their professional organisations in favour of setting up their own treatment facilities.

    Not only can this be a great way to treat patients on a one-on-one basis, it can also be far more cost effective in the long run.

    It’s no secret that medical equipment can be incredibly expensive to purchase outright; from the smallest devices, to the largest pieces of machinery. This is one of the barriers that many solo providers have to face and without the proper financial support, even the most enthusiastic efforts can fall a little short of the mark.

    So, What Are Your Options?

    Have you considered purchasing your resources and facilities under finance?

    This fantastic solution is something that many medical experts consider every year. As you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of your purchased equipment immediately, you’ll be able to offer your services without delay.

    Where Do We Come In?

    At Tundra Finance we specialise in sourcing the most affordable deals for our clients. We have access to some of the most exclusive packages available, whilst working with a variety of reputable lenders and financial institutes.

    What this means is that we can take your application directly to the deciding body, speeding up the process and helping you to find a repayment rate that suits your exact needs.

    We’ll also handle the negotiations, correspondence and everything in between – meaning that you can rely on our experts to connect you with the ideal lender, while you sit back and enjoy the investment.

    From borrowing a few thousand dollars all the way to much larger sums; we’ll find the best options for your needs, present them for your consideration and then guide you through the acceptance process as you finalise the terms that suit you.

    It really is as simple and straight forward as that!

    Rather than spending months, if not years, saving up to purchase the latest device, why not consider medical equipment financing instead and minimise your waiting time, whilst repaying what you owe over a timeframe that suits your requirements?

    To get in touch with our team of experts send us a quick email, or give us a call; we’ll be more than happy to help you with your needs!