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  • Equipment Finance

  • Being able to purchase new equipment outright is something that only a selection of businesses will be able to do. With the rising costs of inflation, not to mention the host of expenses that most organisations will face on a daily basis – it’s not uncommon to hear that many companies are forced to save up for months (or even longer) to replace and upgrade their resources.

    That’s where equipment finance steps up to the mark and this unique solution can help to ensure that business owners are able to purchase anything and everything that they need in order to operate – thanks to a cash investment from a third party.

    These third parties, or lenders as we commonly refer to them, can be building societies, banks and other financial institutes that offer loan services to their customers. As far as equipment financing is concerned, they can spell the difference between a company being able to meet its needs, or fall short of the mark and need to turn to alternate solutions, such as saving or selling off goods.

    Where do our services come in?

    At Tundra Finance it’s our job (and pleasure) to connect our clients with the very best deals and offers on loans.

    We do this by approaching lenders directly, many of which we’ve dedicated years to establishing relationships with. As a result, we can often fast-track applications and negotiate terms with investors on your behalf. We understand more than most how businesses can feel trapped between a rock and a hard place – especially where finances are concerned.

    On one hand company owners can make do with their assets, but on the other hand they could invest in newer facilities that can yield better results.

    When it comes to the successful running of a business, we believe that no expense should be spared – especially when the option to receive a financial investment and repay over time can be so easy to obtain!

    Getting in touch with our team

    Specialising in all things finance, our team have been expertly trained and each member has years of experience working within the financial field.

    We understand interest rates, APR, unsecured loans, assets and everything in between – in fact if you’d like to learn more about our services, or how we may be able to help your business, just get in touch with our team today!