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  • Can Students Benefit from Non-Mortgage Loans?

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    Even though the majority of our clients come to us for help with their business and commercial loan needs, we do occasionally hear from struggling students. As each member of our team has undertaken extensive education, we understand just how important it can be to receive help. If there’s two things that go hand in hand with professional education, it’s debts and repayments.

    Anyone hoping to study higher education might find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place. The first, and unfortunately more common, solution is to borrow money from expensive lenders that rely on the highest interest rates to provide them with profits. The second option is to think outside of the box and consider the potential of a non-mortgage loan, such as the type that we specialise in finding for our clients.

    What makes these loans so beneficial?

    There are plenty of third party lenders out there that target students in particular and as so many are keen to get their education underway, they can often find themselves agreeing to higher-than-average loan agreements. This is something that we aim to avoid at all costs. In fact with the cost of rent, studies and other expenses – it can be hugely important to borrow money from a reputable lender that offers lower repayment rates.

    Considering that the average student accrues debts of almost $25,000, the last thing that you’ll want is to be expected to pay back large amounts

    Unlike regular loans, those that we source for students come from the most reliable lenders in Australia – many of which actually keep channels of investment open to help students out in their times of need. As these services are often overshadowed by those that advertise directly to universities and higher educational institutes, it’s not uncommon for the money that’s been put aside by lenders to go unnoticed and then used elsewhere at the end of the year.

    What types of benefits can you expect?

    As a student, you might not be too bothered about keeping your costs as low as possible right now, in favour of focusing on your education; but try to look to the future. If you end up being expected to pay back a thousand dollars a month whilst you look for work, this could make things very difficult. So, what about the potential to pay back just a couple of hundred instead, including interest?

    This is what we’d like to help you with, so if you want to avoid those excessive fees, then why not let our team of experts connect you with the most beneficial loan for your education?